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 Owl Pellets













Our owl pellets are heat sterilized and carefully foil wrapped before shipping. Each order received will come with a bone-sorting chart that can be photocopied for all students in the class.

An owl pellet is the undigested material of a bird’s meal that has been regurgitated. What can be found inside of a pellet will vary greatly, depending on its diet. Matter within a pellet can include insect exoskeletons, bones, fur, feathers, claws, teeth, etc. A pellet can contain the skeletal structure of one or more prey organisms. Usually, if multiple prey are consumed within a short time frame, a single large pellet is formed, rather than multiple small ones.

The dissection of an owl pellet is a fantastic and informative science experiment and is a natural teaching tool for all grade levels from kindergarten all the way up to collegiate level. As a teaching tool, it is a great way to learn about the food chain, principles of ecology, skeletal anatomy, and more.

Comes with 1 bone sorting chart that can be replicated by a photocopier for teachers/students.

Sterilized for safety

Classic STEM experiment

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