CLAWS is run on a strictly volunteer basis with no paid employees and is funded solely through donations and our programs.  We also do not receive any government funding.

The cost of rehabilitating wildlife and rescuing exotic animals is phenomenal! Please consider a donation to help these animals recover and return to the wild or live a happy, healthy captive life.

Consider making an easy donation through paypal, paypal also accepts credit card payments.

Remember, many companies will match any donations you send in.  Find out if yours well.  This can double the donation you make.

If you wish to make a donation via snail mail, please mail it to:

1516 Jo Mac. Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC  27516

If you would like to help out with these animals, here is a list of what we need:

Remember, all donations ARE tax deductible!!!

Some of the items below would make great projects for scout troops or class projects.

Most Pressing Needs:

  • Gas cards - we spend a LOT of time on the road picking up animals in need of rehabilitation.
  • Solid sided crates of all sizes (dog and cat type)
  • Pack n Play type play pen WITH a top that zips.  Animals can, and do climb.
  • 8-10 foot long 6 foot tall fence panels for raptor enclosures
  • 10' long 3/4" PVC pipes
  • Sisel rope, 1/4" around
  • Power washer
  • Wood to expand our perimeter fence
  • Multi-level ferret type cages
  • NUTS, NUTS and more NUTS, including acorns!  If you have these in your yard that you do not need, please consider raking them up, bagging them and donating them to the animals here at CLAWS!!!
  • Canned goats milk
  • Land - Space is at a premium and we are hoping to find somebody willing to donate land for the animals we help.


  • Snugglesafes - to keep the animals warm and safe in the winter months.
  • Gift Certificates to PetsMart or Ferret Depot
  • Paper Towels - you would not believe the number of these we go through
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Critter Beds
  • Rattles for the Owls (yes, actual baby rattles)


  • Money - there is no polite way to say this. As we stated, this all comes out of our pockets and the bills add up. Any money at all to help defray costs is greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.
  • Donations towards our vet bills.  We are happy to give you the name and address of our vet, so that you can verify how much we actually do spend on vet bills yourself.
  • Gas card/gift certificates
  • Gift certificates to building supply stores to help build new enclosures for the animals.

Building Supplies

  • 8-10 foot long 6 foot tall fence panels for raptor enclosures
  • 10' long 3/4" PVC pipes
  • Help Building!!!!
  • Electrical work on new building
  • We desperately need an outdoor building, equipped with electricity, to help us to rehabilitate more animals and provide temperature control for the permanent animals that live outside.


All animals need things to keep their minds busy, to help them to be more happy in captivity. We provide as much enrichment to ours as possible, along with human interaction

  • Antlers - to be used in various enclosures for enrichment
  • Burlap to make toys for the animals.
  • Baby or small child toys for the raccoon.  He loves anything a 1 or 2 year old would love
  • Boomer balls for the arctic foxes

CLAWS, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. © 2019