What does CLAWS need?

CLAWS is run on a strictly volunteer basis with no paid employees and is funded solely through donations and our programs.  We also do not receive any government funding.

The cost of rehabilitating wildlife and rescuing exotic animals is phenomenal! Please consider a donation to help these animals recover and return to the wild or live a happy, healthy captive life.

Consider making an easy donation through paypal (button can be found on the upper left of this page), paypal also accepts credit card payments.

Remember, many companies will match any donations you send in.  Find out if yours well.  This can double the donation you make.

If you wish to make a donation via snail mail, please mail it to:

1516 Jo Mac. Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC  27516

If you would like to help out with these animals, here is a list of what we need.  We keep this wish list up to date at all times. 


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