Here are some really easy ways to help CLAWS, Inc. by doing the shopping you are already doing.  A portion of what you spend will be donated to us, without costing you anything extra.  In fact, many times you can save money by shopping this way that you can't save by shopping directly.

You can donate your old cell phones and inkjet cartridges to CLAWS and we can mail them in for money to be used toward the animals' care.  Bring your old phones and inkjet cartridges to any of our events.

iG topfrme1A very easy way to help CLAWS is by shopping at all of the stores you normally shop at online, only do so through iGive, where a portion of all of your purchases will come directly to CLAWS.  You still shop as you always do, and help the animals at the same time.  Installing the iGive button means you don't have to think about it, just shop as normal and iGive will do the work for you!  Be sure to pick CLAWS, Inc.  as your charity of choice!


coffee CLAWS, INC. RESCUE ROAST GOURMET COFFEE IS HERE!! CLAWS, INC. WILL RECEIVE $3 PER BAG!!     Shipping is very reasonable, the more you buy the more you save!



gali51Donate to Galileo's Rescue Anniversary Fund!  You can watch the story of my rescue here

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