Our Future

The future of CLAWS, Inc depends on the support of our donors. We have great dreams for this organization and our charges. One day we do hope to move to a much larger facility where we can make a greater difference. For today however, we must be practical and take baby steps, as we are, after all, a new organization.

Our most immediate need at this point is to again expand our perimeter fence in the other direction to add two more enclosures for a bit larger animals that we are hoping to house onsite. This would be the perfect project for a scout or home schooling group that is looking for a project.

Currently we need another outdoor storage building. We have the floor in place, but the walls and roof need to go up. Given that rehabilitation of some species is seasonal, we need a place to store the cages not in use, and food where it will be safe from the elements. Again this would be a great project for a scout or homeschooling group.

Our next goal is to add at least one outdoor building that will allow our outside animals to have den boxes in a climate controlled environment. In the winter, this will greatly help the bettongs and cavies; and in the summer, it will be wonderful for the arctic foxes.

We have received estimates that just one building, with electricity and insulation and all with cost approximately $15,000.00. We can only meet this goal with your help. If you would like to donate to this project, you may send a check or money order to our address below, or send a donation via paypal at the donation button below. Or, if you know of a company who would consider donating the building or people who would consider donating their services to complete this project, please ask them.

We are also hoping, at some point, to find somebody who is willing to donate property so that we can build a larger facility in a neighboring county that does not restrict us so much on the types of animals that we can maintain full time. It is our dream to be able to care for the animals here, rehabilitate, and be able to do onsite programs all at the same facility at some point in time. At this point, we would be able to have more volunteers in to help with the work here.

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