Rescue Costs

Caring for exotic animals is typically more expensive than caring for "normal" pets such as dogs and cats. 

For instance, a well yearly visit to the vet for a fox, including fecal, blood work and shots, costs about $360.  That is just for a well check up.  Imagine what it will cost if the animal becomes ill.

We are lucky, our vet does give us discounts for our animals.  However, even with these deep discounts, taking in four animals for their yearly visits runs us $950 per year.  That still makes even our cost $257.50 per year for each animal, provided they all stay healthy!  That is a very large sum of money when you consider just how many animals we have here.

A spaying or neutering, even of smaller animals costs approximately $250 if all goes well.

From this, you can imagine how much of our funds go to vet bills. We firmly believe that every animal here must get appropriate medical care, not to mention, it is a requirement to maintain our USDA licensing. 

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