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Due to COVID, CLAWS is not doing any in person events at this time.  Please check our virtual options 

About Our Programs

All of our programs are done on an outreach basis, we bring the animals to you.  Each program consists of between 4 and 6 animals, depending on species.  

Due to state and federal laws, contact can only be allowed with a select few animals.  

The safety of participants as well as our animals is our first concern.  For this reason, if an animal is not in the mood, we reserve the right to replace them with a similar species.  If an animal shows signs of stress during a programs, we reserve the right to remove that animal from the program.

We incorporate into each of our programs the following information about each species

  • Native habitat, including information about the country/region of origin
  • Their individual environmental adaptations
  • Their place/job in their native habitat
  • Behavioral traits ( both in captivity and in the wild where this applies)
  • Dietary needs and habits
  • Scientific classification and what that means
  • Status in the wild, including an age appropriate discussion as to why their status is what it is.
  • How to safely cohabitate with wildlife

We have an extensive list of species available to bring to programs:

  • Native American Wildlife
  • Species from 5 different continents
  • Species from 3 of the 5 major ecosystems
  • Several species of marsupial
  • Several species of unique rodents
  • Several species of raptors and birds of prey
  • Species with very unique adaptations to their native environment
  • Species that are endangered in the wild and very rare, even in zoos in the US

View our educational animals here.

When contacting us, please let us know the age groups we will be dealing with. Many of our animals are species that are used in the fur industry. While this discussion can be interesting and informative to older children, we prefer not to scare younger children with some of the realities.

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Cancellations and schedule changes must be sent to CLAWS, Inc. a minimum of 48 hours in advance, baring natural disasters, or full payment will be expected for the program. 


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