otter fishfaceHi! I’m Hansel!
Hi! I’m Gretel!
We’re the fabulous Otter babies!

In case you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t been payin attention to the fan page, we are the most important rehab Kindra will do this year! ‘Cuz it’s us! And we are fabulous! And we are hungry! We need fish! Lots and lots of fish! And other things that hang out in the water where we will eventually get to live. Once Kindra gets done doing her mama otter impression and teaching us all the stuff we have to know we will get to go back to nature and do our otter thang. We’re sure teaching you humans about how wonderful we are is a noble calling, but we don’t hear that phone ringing! As soon as we can catch our own dinner we are so outta here! In the meantime, apparently mama otter Kindra needs help getting us fish. Remember we are growing otter babies…which means we can eat a LOT. To inspire you, we’ve been working on a song. Our scribe would like us to apologize to the people of the musical Oliver! since we “borrowed” the song from their movie. So sing our song to the tune of “Food, Glorious, Food” and have fun…

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