Unlike many rehabilitation facilities, CLAWS does not discriminate on species that we help.  We are permitted for every species that is legal to rehabilitate in the state of North Carolina except fawn and bear.  Our clinic is staffed with 2 licensed, volunteer wildlife rehabbers who live on site.  We also operate 2 satellite locations to help extend our coverage area and help with the high patient volumes.  CLAWS also works with eight veterinarians who have extensive experience with wildlife, state of the art facilities. 

CLAWS, Inc. is accepts apprentices on a limited basis for people who wish to learn to rehabilitate small mammals and birds. Please follow us on facebook to learn more.  .

Please consider sponsoring one of our rehabilitating animals, to help us defray the costs and to give you a chance to help the animals.

For those who have sent us patients for rehabilitation, you are welcome to follow us on facebook to keep track of your animal .  We will gladly keep you updated in this fashion.

To track any animal that you have sent us for rehabilitation, please go to the CLAWS, Inc. fan page on Facebook, as all updates on all rehabilitating animals are kept there.  These include photographs, updates on condition and announcements of releases

We are grateful to touch a small part of these wonderful creatures lives - and we grow to love each and every one of them.  With each animal, there comes a time when our job is complete and it is time to let them go and live the life they were born to live, wild and free.  While each release is bittersweet, we rejoice in the hard road we've traveled together knowing that we've helped in some small way.  Yet, as we release each darling, we release a piece of our hearts with each one of these babies that we've grown to love so much.

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