Code of Ethics

  • CLAWS, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the  welfare of the animals in our care and not for personal profit. Any fees we charge for adoption or educational programs as well as any donations we receive go toward funding our organization's ongoing work. We have no paid staff, in fact, much of the funding comes out of our pockets and we are not intended to be a profitable business but a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

  • We are dedicated both to care of animals and also to conservation education efforts on behalf of those animals. As part of this commitment, we provide education and support to those who adopt animals from us.

  • As an organization, we do not keep, adopt, or provide animals for the purpose of breeding or sale, except in the rare cases where the animals that we have are highly endangered and we are trying to help to keep the species alive.

  • We screen our adoptive homes carefully and do not place animals without such screening as well as proper permits when required.

  • We are operating our organization according to, and in compliance with, all federal, state, and local pet and/or wildlife regulations, laws, rules, ordinances, statutes, and codes, and possess the required permits and licenses.

  • The safety of our animals and the people attending our programs is our primary concern.  For this reason, if an animal does not enjoy going out for programs, they do not go.  If an animal is not in the mood to go to do a program on a particular day, they do not go. 

  • We work closely with veterinarians and other experts to ensure that we are providing the best housing, dietary needs, veterinary care, vaccinations and preventative health care possible.

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