Rehabilitation Costs

The following is a cost table provided by These are the costs PER animal.

Approximate Cost to Rehabilitate Healthy Wildlife Orphans (per month)
SpeciesFormulaSolidsNursery UtilitiesHousing UtilitiesTotal
Squirrel $4.51 $11.76 $4.76 $1.52 $10.00
Cottontail $4.28 $6.98 $4.76 $1.52 $8.86
Robin $7.74 $4.76 $1.52 $10.34
Opossum $3.38 $7.00 $4.76 $2.28 $7.78
Duckling $1.84 $4.76 $1.52 $4.16
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These numbers do not include the cost of caging, permits, vet bills, medication costs or other miscellaneous costs, this only includes cost of feeding healthy wildlife.

The average cost of a hawk in rehabilitation has so far run approximately $500.

Below shows the approximate cost of keeping a fawn between the ages of newborn and 3 weeks per day. We have not figured in utilities, nor does this include the cost for us to pick them up from all of the counties we support. Most fawn are not right in our back yard and with the price of gas these days, this ends up being a major cost to us.

SpeciesFormulaSolidsNursery UtilitiesHousing UtilitiesTotal
Deer $2/day $.50/day $2/day ? $4.50/day

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