These are some of the questions we are asked most often:

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located on private property in Orange County

Q: Why aren't you open to the public?

A: There are several reasons we are not open to the public.

  1. We are located on private property, it would be like allowing the public into our home.
  2. We keep our rehabilitating animals at the same location as our permanent animals. Since animals that are rehabilitating to go back into the wild should have as little contact as possible with humans, so as not to habituate them and cause problems for them and humans later, we do not allow others to see or come into contact with them.
  3. There are many people out there who will do harm to animals because they believe what they have been told by organizations who would prefer to see animals dead then in cages. For the safety of our animals, we will not put them in that kind of danger.
  4. Where we are located, we are not zoned for public display.
  5. The insurance rates would be cost prohibitive.

Q: Why won't you give me your physical address?

A: For all the reasons listed above.

Q: Why don't you have more animals up for adoption?

A: We rescue animals when they are in need. For us, its a great day when we have no animals in need of a home! As a rescue, we do not get to pick and choose when animals come to us, or what species they will be. Many of the animals who come to us are not well socialized and can be very dangerous. Many can only be adopted to other facilities with the proper caging to keep the animals and the public safe. Many of the re-homings we do never actually make it onto our website, because the animals are too dangerous to go anyplace but major facilities, or they are in other states and we simply facilitate the rescue, but never actually see the animals.

Q: Why do you no longer allow touching in your programs?

A: While everybody is so worried about zoonotic diseases (animals transmitting diseases to humans), we have actually learned, the hard way, that humans can transmit just as many diseases to animals. After having two of our very special animals become sick due to a child who was sick in a program (no symptoms on the child), the board made the decision to discontinue touching.

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