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We can come to you, even virtually.

Would you like to spice up your next meeting? Break up the monotony of the day? Surprise your attendees?  Learn about native wildlife? CLAWS can help. You can book a fifteen minute slot for a mammal or bird ambassador to attend your next virtual event on most videoconferencing platforms. We will introduce the ambassador, tell you their story and a bit about what CLAWS does, then mute ourselves for the rest of the allotted time.

We are available for-

  1. Staff meetings
  2. Family/friend get togethers
  3. Happy hours
  4. Virtual birthday parties
  5. Teachers
  6. Homeschoolers


 View our educational animals here.


You can also book an entire 30 or 60 minute educational program with multiple mammals or birds. A 30 minute program will have two or three ambassadors, and a 60 minute program will have four or five.

Type of Program


15 minute Zoom meeting, one animal/bird


30 minute Zoom meeting, 2-3 animals/birds


60 minute Zoom meeting, 4-5 animals/birds



We incorporate into each of our programs the following information about each species

  • Native habitat, including information about the country/region of origin
  • Their individual environmental adaptations
  • Their place/job in their native habitat
  • Behavioral traits ( both in captivity and in the wild where this applies)
  • Dietary needs and habits
  • Scientific classification and what that means
  • Status in the wild, including an age appropriate discussion as to why their status is what it is.
  • How to safely cohabitate with wildlife

We have an extensive list of species available to bring to programs:

  • Native American Wildlife
  • Species from 5 different continents
  • Species from 3 of the 5 major ecosystems
  • Several species of marsupial
  • Several species of unique rodents
  • Several species of raptors and birds of prey
  • Species with very unique adaptations to their native environment
  • Species that are endangered in the wild and very rare, even in zoos in the US

View our educational animals here.

For more information, please request a program at Request a program




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